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Tourism numbers in 2023 exceeded its target of 4.8 million visitors by 650,000! Even better, more than nine out of ten arrivals consist of foreigners looking for a place to stay for a while. Last year’s visitors also left behind a total of P482.54 billion paying for food, accommodations, and retail buys. The best thing about this increase in tourism is that you don’t have to be a hotel owner to cash in on the demand for Filipino hospitality. Simply investing in a serviced residence project like Citadines Southwoods at the Cerise Tower can do the trick!  

South Luzon and Southwoods

South Luzon remains among the top contributors to the country’s post-COVID economic resurgence. It helped that many of the top industrial parks and manufacturing hubs chose the region as their base of operations. Businesses love the warm climate, the surplus of qualified workers, and the extensive transportation network. It also helped that many real estate developers foresaw South Luzon’s potential and began building subdivisions, residences, and commercial complexes to provide housing and retail options for the workforce. 

Laguna and Cavite are two of South Luzon’s top producers, both being preferred choices for manufacturers in need of steady and accessible manufacturing locations. Bordering these two provinces is a sprawling residential and commercial estate called Southwoods. For many professionals and expats working on the many business hubs in the area, Southwoods is a great place to take root. Aside from a wonderful golf course, Southwoods offers direct access to the area’s many retail complexes and getaways. And if a trip to Metro Manila is needed, the nearby South Luzon Expressway can get you to the capital in less than an hour.

Citadines Southwoods at The Cerise Tower

Realizing that people assigned to the area will need a permanent address, developer Malveda Properties Development Corporation (MPDC) came up with a practical alternative. Businesses that need comfortable and luxurious accommodations that won’t break the bank would be perfect for the series of consultants, specialists, and troubleshooters on temporary assignments. Leasing entire homes to accommodate a single person or a two-man team is highly impractical and costly. Meanwhile, hotels might be too impersonal and similarly expensive for visitors who spend weeks or months on assignment. 

Enter MPDC’s Citadines Southwoods at The Cerise Tower. The developer partnered with Ascott Limited to offer serviced residences near where the action is. Busy professionals assigned in Laguna in need of a convenient residence would want all the conveniences offered by hotels such as room service, laundry, and housekeeping. They also want to avoid the hassle of transferring from hotel room to hotel room as the need arises. Citadine Southwoods offers all these hotel conveniences without the hotel prices. Plus, the project also offers luxurious amenities exclusive to residents and guests. This includes 24-hour security, a well-appointed lobby, a fitness gym, and a swimming pool. Citadine residents also have exclusive access to the Sky Lounge, bar area, function rooms, and meeting rooms. 

Even better, the project is minutes away from their assigned location instead of further away in Metro Manila. This savings in commute time can be better spent working with colleagues or working on their golf swing. 

Why is Investing in Citadines Southwoods at The Cerise Tower a Good Idea? 

Homebuyers and investors looking for a great investment opportunity will find Citadine Southwoods a perfect choice. Scheduled for launch in 2026, investors can avail of a unit at pre-selling rates, which will surely appreciate in value as completion nears. At the moment,  a studio unit measuring between 24 sq.m to 38 sq.m fetches P7.3 million. Meanwhile, a one-bedroom unit measuring 41 sq.m to 48 sq.m is currently going for P10.2 million. Finally, a sprawling, two-bedroom option covering 80.62 sq.m is at P22.86 million. 

Investors who opt to include their units in the serviced residence system won’t even have to worry about interiors. Ascott Limited will do the work and make sure all units conform to a uniform design and follow rigorous standards. Owners will simply need to sit back and wait as they earn dividends based on occupancy. They’ll get a share of the sales from food, beverage, and services. These revenue streams are separate from their unit’s continued appreciation. So whenever owners feel like taking a break from the business, they can either take back the unit for personal use or flip it for a profit. 

Make Smart Property Investment Choices With Ohmyhome

Interested in acquiring a Citadines Southwoods unit for investment? Ohmyhome can help you get the choicest units at the best prices. We can also set you up with our partner banks to secure the best financing options. Our team of licensed real estate professionals can walk you through every step and assist you throughout the process. And if you prefer to look around for more properties, Ohmyhome has something you’ll love. The country’s premier property tech platform owns a listing of thousands of properties from 200 of the country’s finest developers

All you need to do is sign up for a free account and start the ball rolling. Let Ohmyhome lead you to a great house-hunting experience!

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