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You’ve seen the inspirational quote cards or social media captions, suggesting you stop spending so much on things like new clothes on sale or the regular dose of milk tea. But then, there usually isn’t much that follows, such as what do you do with the money you save by cutting back on those said expenses.

Given today’s circumstances, it’s understandable if some are hesitant to spend and invest, and would rather just save for a rainy (or, in this case, rainier) day. However, having money set aside can only do so much, and to be better prepared for both emergencies and the future is to have savings AND investments.

Making a plan

Granted, it isn’t as simple as it sounds, and getting started on truly building your finances can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when the amounts you save from cutting back on things like expensive drinks seemingly do not add as much to your savings at the start.

According to Edessa Montano, Senior Associate Sales Director for International Sales at SMDC who joined the February 27 episode of Ohmyhome’s Ohtalks!, successful saving starts with adequate planning.

“I believe it is about identifying what is necessary to spend on, everyday, and allocate the unnecessary (spending) to savings and investment. One must create a budget for your daily or monthly needs, and adhere to it. Having a budget maps out more or less what you can or can’t spend. Then set some money aside for savings and investment.”

Sharing her experience and expertise as a PRC licensed real estate broker who has been working with overseas Filipinos and expats on making investments, cutting expenses to grow wealth is also a cumulative exercise that takes time.

“For example, instead of having coffee in a commercial coffee shop, where you spend about Php150 per cup, you can choose to skip the coffee and include that amount in an investment purchase. So Php150 for 30 days is about Php4500 a month. If you add another Php4000 (to that) you can already amortize a condominium unit in SMDC’s Trees Residences. So you’ll be surprised how Php150 per day can bring you closer to owning a home.”

Why choose real estate as an investment vehicle?

Real estate has long been the most reliable type of investment, for the reason that land is a non-renewable resource, making it and properties situated on them both limited in number and high in demand.

Admittedly, it isn’t the easiest investment to make, because buying and maintaining property in the Philippines involves a significant amount of money. However, Edessa advises that now is as good a time as any to invest in property, and that time is on our side both in terms of the investment growing and also being able to pay for it.

“If you invest now, you can enjoy the elbow room of appreciation of property 5,10, 15 years down the line. On the other hand, if you decide to invest five years later instead of in the present, the time the property could appreciate in value from now until then is a wasted opportunity. So it’s always today. Today is always the perfect time to start with a property investment. Most properties don’t require doling out millions right away anyway, because we can buy via a loan or mortgage which can pay over time.”

While paying for a real estate through time may significantly reduce the flexibility one has over their finances for the foreseeable future, Edessa also shares that having to pay monthly for property also provides the structure to not spend aimlessly on other things.

“Having a ‘forced’ savings plan is very helpful because this ensures that you don’t spend money that you don’t have on-hand. So investing in real estate is one of the best ways to secure your future. With it, you put your money in, and you wait for your property to increase in value over time, with little to no effort.”

Ready to turn your unnecessary spending into a real estate investment? Visit Ohmyhome for the best and latest properties for sale in the Philippines, or download the Ohmyhome app for conveniently access to everything you’ll need thoughout your entire real estate journey.

For more information on the next episode, or to view prior episodes, of OhTalks! – Ohmyhome’s regular webinar series centered on real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, investments and financial literacy, please visit and ‘like’ the official Ohmyhome Facebook page.

Ohmyhome was launched in the Philippines in September 2020, following the company’s establishment of a tech team in the country in 2017. Ohmyhome was originally founded in 2016, and subsequently rose in Singapore as a leading PropTech solution and licensed real estate agency.

Ohmyhome expanded into the Philippines so that Filipino home seekers can have a real estate partner that they can trust to have their best interests at heart and can be relied upon to provide exceptional services throughout the entire property journey.

Featuring thousands of properties across many of the Philippines’ major real estate brands, Ohmyhome differs from other local platforms by going the extra mile and extensively helping buyers narrow down the choices and find the property that best suits their budgets, home needs, and lifestyle preferences.

The company’s Real Estate Agents not only help in the shortlisting of options, but also provide professional services through the entire purchasing process. These include assistance in property inspections, negotiations, the finalization of the Conditions of Sale, deposit collection, the submission of property documents, as well as providing buyers regular updates.

Ohmyhome helps Filipinos find their dream homes, all while making sure each real estate transaction is complete and is an efficient and enjoyable experience.

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