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Written by: Rita Magallona

Buying essentials is still allowed under the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and the general community quarantine. But are you willing to brave grocery stores and public markets? Every hour spent in a crowded and enclosed supermarket is an hour you are potentially exposed to the coronavirus.

Good thing there’s a better way. Say goodbye to long lines as local government units (LGUs), condominiums, and other communities have come up with creative solutions to the grocery issue.

Mobile Palengke by LGUs

Last March, Pasig City launched its “mobile palengke” units to bring food products closer to where people are. This has reduced the number of people going to the public markets. Other cities have since followed suit, setting up and deploying their own mobile markets to help reduce the number of people traveling far to buy food.

This trend was picked up by the Department of the Interior and Local Government who then urged other LGUs to deploy their own mobile markets to ensure social distancing.

Kadiwa Outlets by the Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has also opened its “Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita” outlets, mobile markets where Luzon farmers and fishers can sell their products directly to the consumers. There are at least five LGUs that are now participating in the DA Kadiwa program, with more expressing interest for their own constituents. Private communities are also interested in having a DA mobile market come to them.

Pop-Up Markets in Communities

In addition, the DILG also encouraged the setting up of community markets in subdivisions and condo communities. In line with this, some subdivisions have participated with the DA in its Kadiwa program. Condominium communities, through their respective Property Management Offices and Community Development Councils, have set up pop-up markets in their premises to sell essential goods on certain days.

All these initiatives follow the concept, If the people can’t go to the store, bring the store to the people.” They are designed to limit time spent outside, thus reducing the chances of coronavirus transmission.

Wherever you decide to go grocery shopping during the ECQ or GCQ, make sure you follow safety guidelines like wearing face masks and practicing physical distancing. Shop wisely with this pandemic grocery list. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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