Temporary Pause in Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme


Written By: Henny Maherah

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme will freeze till December this year.

Foreigners Affected by Halt of MM2H Programme

Immigration laws continue to tighten in view of COVID-19. A staggering 90% of new MM2H applications have been rejected. This amounts to over 1,000 rejected applications, a sharp increase over the usual 10% rejection rate last year.

One of the factors that might have contributed to the sudden MM2H programme halt is the ongoing disagreement between the Tourism and Immigration Ministry in Malaysia. While health concerns may arise from letting foreigners enter the state, the MM2H initiative has also been an integral pillar of the local economy. This has left officials ambivalent in the decision making process, as both the health and economy of Malaysia took a hit as a result of the coronavirus.

MM2H Programme Remains Crucial to the Malaysia Economy

Since the introduction of the MM2H programme in 2002, RM40.6 billion has been pumped into the Malaysian economy, mostly through property purchases and compulsory fixed deposits in local banks.

Despite such uncertainties, foreigners looking to relocate to Malaysia need not worry in the long run as it is highly probable that the suspension of the MM2H programme is only temporary. Tourism, Arts, and Culture Minister Nancy Shukri reports that while the programme is currently under review, it is unlikely for it to be entirely cancelled given the significant economic benefits to the country.

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