What is Ohmyhome?

Ohmyhome makes property transactions simple, fast and reliable through a DIY platform, top-tier agent services, mortgage advisory, conveyancing and much more.


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The DIY (self-serve) platform connects homeowners and searchers directly at no cost. Thousands of property listings are genuine, unique and simple to browse. Innovative features such as ‘ShoutOut’ and ‘Open House’ enhance the overall user experience.

Ohmyhome launched in Malaysia in July 2019, as part of its expansion plans in the Southeast Asia Region. It is the first cross-border one-stop property solution with its tech-enabled offerings that have served thousands of customers in Singapore.


Ohmyhome will be the first proptech marketplace to be able to sell across borders. For example, a Singaporean buyer wanting to buy a property above RM1mil in Malaysia will be able to search for local properties directly via Ohmyhome app. Similarly, Malaysian buyers wanting to invest in private properties in Singapore will be able to search for relevant real estate via the app.

Ohmyhome Story

At Ohmyhome, we understand that a property is not just a physical asset – it is a home which serves as the centre of most of our lives and ought to be well taken care of. Ohmyhome was developed to revolutionise the entire housing transaction experience and save consumers time, effort, and money.

Ohmyhome Mission

Ohmyhome makes housing transactions simple, fast and affordable by leveraging advanced technology capabilities and our team’s dedication to provide exceptional service to our customers. With a focus on revolutionising the property industry, Ohmyhome has developed the perfect pairing of data and technology to serve and satisfy clients, successfully becoming the most efficient sales team in Singapore with over 3,188 genuine Facebook reviews.

Ohmyhome Latest Statistics

Mobile App for buying, selling, or renting your property

  • Close to 300,000 downloads up-to-date of Ohmyhome app for Android and iOS
  • Average of 150,000 monthly active users
  • Around 15,000 listings in total (buy/sell and rental)

Ohmyhome Founders

Sisters Rhonda Wong (CEO) and Race Wong (CPO) co-founded Ohmyhome in 2015. They started Ohmyhome when they realised that the industry average time taken to sell a property in Singapore ranges between 3-7 months and the transaction journey often causes stress within the family.

The problems include a lack of transparency, knowledge, the lengthy time it takes, the stress and the high costs involved. Hence, they tapped on their experiences in the real estate industry and developed Ohmyhome.

About Ohmyhome Founder: Rhonda Wong

Ms. Rhonda Wong is the co-founder of Ohmyhome and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Rhonda’s wealth of experience in the business and the real-estate sector has helped her drive the company to become Singapore’s first one-stop property solution.


Responsible for the overall management of Ohmyhome and driving its growth, Rhonda’s many accomplishments include leading the company to become one of the best start-ups of 2017. Her mission is to simplify housing transactions and provide an enhanced home search experience that saves time and money.

Rhonda is a founding member of the inaugural Singapore PropTech Association which aims to innovate the traditional real estate industry. Her astute business acumen and passion for property make Rhonda a sought-after mentor at entrepreneurial and proptech events, and she is often invited to speak at schools and business leadership seminars.

Rhonda is the Founder of the Year at 2019 Singapore Rice Bowl Startup Awards.


In March 2017, Rhonda was recognized as Women Icon at the Inaugural Women Icons Summit & Awards. Avid in giving back to the community, she has volunteered across the world from Detroit, Chicago, Dominican Republic to Singapore and Myanmar.

Before Ohmyhome, Rhonda started Anthill Realtors, a real estate agency, at the age of 29 in 2014. Headquartered in Singapore, Anthill Realtors’ forte is sourcing investment grade properties from within and abroad, with a one of a kind concierge service. Rhonda started consulting for developers in 2013 and before that, she was a salesperson at Savills where she was promoted to sales director within a year and was recognized as the best newcomer. Her journey into Savills was encouraged by her personal real estate investments.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Rhonda has gathered vast amount of experience as she had worked on several businesses including retail in Singapore; import and export of equipment from USA and acted as a consultant on other businesses such as children’s education in Suzhou, China.

Rhonda graduated with distinction from Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, with majors in Finance, Entrepreneurial, Accounting and a minor in Economics. While in University, she was also awarded the Carson Scholarship to study public policy in Washington D.C. Upon graduation, Rhonda joined Nico Trading Chicago and was the only female trader employed at that time.

About Ohmyhome Founder: Race Wong

Ohmyhome, Singapore’s first one stop property solution, is the brainchild of Ms Race Wong who serves as Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Ohmyhome. Managing the day-to-day activities including product-related activities, technology development, and customer relations, Race was instrumental to Ohmyhome’s successes where more than 4,500 property transactions worth over S$1 billion have transacted through Ohmyhome.


For her efforts in building Singapore’s First One-Stop Property Solution, Race was awarded Glamour Award for Outstanding Woman in the Entrepreneur Category in 2019. Under Race’s leadership, Ohmyhome was recognized as the Best E-Commerce Startup at 2018 Singapore Rice Bowl Startup Awards.


In January 2017, Ohmyhome emerged as Singapore’s #1 HDB app. She began conceptualizing Ohmyhome in the 1st quarter of 2015 when she came across some of the issues that people face when buying, selling, and renting a home.

This prompted Race to develop smart solutions that simplify the housing transaction. The platform officially launched in September 2016, and first targets the HDB market, which is the largest sector of our housing market where around 82% of Singaporeans live in.

Seasoned in the real estate sector, Race co-founded Anthill Corporation, where she actively led the team in its marketing and communications activities. She thus played a major role in expanding the business and sourcing commercial investments for corporations.

Prior to this, Race was the Marketing Manager at Maybank Kim Eng Hong Kong. Equipped with Securities and Futures trading license in Hong Kong, Race assisted in the integration of the company’s online and offline trading experience. Not only was she at the helm for the organizing and coordinating of seminars and events locally, Race also co-hosted events in Kuala Lumpur, including the opening of Kim Eng Hong Kong’s first retail shop, the launch of Kim Eng online trading platform and IPO road shows.

Along with her professional career in the real estate sector, Race has also made her mark in the film and media industry. As a Cantopop artiste in Hong Kong for over 10 years, Race has 4 music albums, 6 TV dramas and 11 feature films to her name. Driven and ebullient, Race bagged various music awards, such as Most Promising Newcomer (Group) in 2003 and Most Popular Group Gold Award in 2004.

Race was also nominated for Best New Actor at the 42nd Golden Horse Film Awards.
Race has represented international brands in marketing campaigns, including Dior, Biotherm, McDonalds, Carlsberg, Pantene, Baleno and Glaschutte. A social influencer, she has more than 300,000 followers on Facebook and close to 27,000 followers on Instagram.

Race holds a Master’s degree in Business from the University of Newcastle, where she majored in Marketing.

Ohmyhome Company Milestones & Achievements

  • 2019 Nov Rhonda was awarded as the Founder of the Year at Singapore Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2019
  • 2019 Aug Launched home renovation, moving, painting and handyman services.
  • 2019 Aug Race received Glamour Award for Outstanding Woman in the Entrepreneur Category
  • 2019 Jul Launched into Malaysia, marking the company’s first overseas expansion
  • 2019 Jun Successfully served more than 4,500 transactions with a combined value of more than S$1 billion
  • 2019 Mar Entered Singapore’s private property market
  • 2018 Sep Awarded the Best E-Commerce Startup at Singapore Rice Bowl Startup Awards
  • 2018 Sep Successfully raised S$4 million in Series A funding round led by Golden Equator Capital
  • 2018 Feb One of 4 selected property portals showcased at Launch of Real Estate ITM
  • 2018 Feb Successfully served on 1,000 transactions worth more than S$500 million
  • 2017 Nov Opened an office in Philippines
  • 2017 Sep Transacted gross merchandise value (GMV) of S$100 million in its first year
  • 2017 Mar Rhonda awarded Womens Icon Award for creating Ohmyhome
  • 2017 Feb Singapore Business Review lists Ohmyhome as Singapore’s 20 Hottest Startups 2017
  • 2017 Jan Emerged as Singapore’s No. 1 HDB App
  • 2017 Jan Seller secures buyer in two days, setting a new record for DIY property transactions
  • 2016 Sep Launch of Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome Regional Headquarters: Singapore’s First-ever PropTech Innovation Centre

We have officially announced the opening of the Singapore’s first-ever PropTech Innovation Centre in June 2019.


The 11,000-square-foot facility will accelerate continuous innovation and productivity, as we expand into other markets in the region.

The centre, located in Toa Payoh will double up as our regional headquarters and will boast a data and research facility, hot-desking spots for their in-house agents and a public seminar chamber, where property literacy programmes will be conducted.

ohmyhome-buy-sell-rent-property-app-singapore-toa payoh

Each of its nine zones will specialise in key areas and collaborations, much like a home with different rooms. The zones will also include three main spaces – a Moonshot Room, a Grass Room and a Happiness Room, catered for different purposes.

Dubbed the ‘technology space’, the Moonshot room is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls and video conferencing tools, which will aid in the cross-functional collaboration between the company’s offices around the region. Its goal, will be to translate concepts into prototypes, to further improve and launch new product features.


Contrastingly, the Green Room, features grass on every surface of the space and is sound insulated, which allows for a sense of calmness and serenity. The state of ‘silence’ seeks to provide the team, with a facility that is out of the ordinary, to aid greater inspiration for out-of-the-box ideas.

Finally, the Happiness Room, has fixtures and furniture that are unorthodox, and is primarily used for the exchange of ideas and conversations, in a casual and relaxed setting.

In line with the company’s plan to expand our presence in the region, the innovation centre will have a resident team of 50 people which will include emerging technologists, user experience designers, a regional expansion team and their in-house agents. We also plan to increase our regional headcount in the next year, as we aggressively scale our operations in Singapore and beyond.

Ohmyhome Regional Headquarters is located at 11 Lorong 3 Toa Payoh, Block B #04-17, Jackson Square, Singapore 319579.

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