Invest in Seputeh: Luxury at Your Doorstep


Seputeh is a world of contrasts.

Imagine the hustle and bustle of Mid Valley Megamall and the surrounding office district, combined with the hecticness of the Federal Highway. On the flip side, you also have pockets of tranquillity in the residential neighbourhoods within Seputeh.

What Makes Seputeh an Attractive Investment Opportunity?

1. Mid Valley City

Mid Valley is one of the most densely populated mixed developments in Klang Valley. Consisting of the Mid Valley Megamall, The Gardens Malls, and three hotels, this district is the diamond of the neighbourhood.

Calling the Mid Valley Megamall “just” another mall does not do it justice. Both the megamall and The Gardens Mall have an average of three million visitors each month.

The mall draws in crowds of shoppers throughout the year, and even more so during the festive season. Generally, you would be hard-pressed to find a parking space after lunchtime during the weekends.

The mall is also home to many events and fairs, such as the MATTA Fair, IT Fair, Home and Decoration Fair, all of which are regularly held in its exhibition centre.

Mid Valley City, as a whole, is also well-connected via public transport. The Mid Valley KTM station is right outside the mall, which is within walking distance of the Abdullah Hukum station, providing access to the Kelana Jaya LRT line and Port Klang KTM line.

Mid Valley City is also highly accessible via the surrounding residential districts such as Taman Desa or the nearby Bangsar. Living in Seputeh, residents would have the benefit of having leisure literally right at their doorstep.

2. Old Klang Road

Mid Valley may be the highlight of the Seputeh district, but we must not be quick to discount the Old Klang Road, the first and oldest major road in Kuala Lumpur. It is the only link between Kuala Lumpur and Port Klang. Currently, it serves a major road in and out of the Seputeh District.

However, Old Klang Road is not just full of history. Throughout the decades, it’s identity has spread beyond its tarmac and included the nearby commercial and residential area. Properties along the road may appear haphazard, with a great mix of old and new, because there is no single master developer for Old Klang Road.

Hangout spots along the road include the Pearl Point shopping mall, Scott garden, and easy access to several future malls such as Millerz Square, Pavillion Bukit Jalil and Paradigm Garden City.

However, cars remain the primary mode of transport within this district, as there are currently no MRT stations or extensive public transport along Old Klang Road. So far, there are no future plans on establishing one.

But, with a sizable population for a location of its size, Old Klang Road is a semi-prime location to invest in. It is a hot spot for Chinese property investors and homebuyers alike, due to the network of Chinese schools in the area.

3. Rental Earning Opportunities

While Mid Valley City, as the highlight of Seputeh, it now faces intense competition from upcoming commercial projects. Take for example the previously mentioned Millerz Square, it is a mixed development with 33,000 square feet of shopping space, posied to be go-to mall for the neighbourhood.

Not only will the surge of employment boost rental demand in the area, but Millerz is also home to Dasein Academy of Arts’s new campus, injecting an additional demand for student hostels and accommodation.

New residential projects, such as MRCB’s 9 Seputeh project has also received plenty of media attention, winning a multitude of awards for Best mixed-used development, and best high-end luxury condominium development. MRCB has also made efforts to rejuvenate old buildings around the neighbourhood, such as contracting mural painting along the walls of UPC shop lots.

The Seputeh district as a whole is well-established and equipped with amenities and infrastructure. There are banks, convenience stores and plenty of fast-food chains, Japanese and Korean restaurants littered throughout the area, providing an added element of stability in the district.

Seputeh may not be for everybody, but it is perfect for many homebuyers who value the location it sits in, right at the border between Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. If you want easy access to both work and play, what are you waiting for?

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