How a PropTech Company Cultivates Culture of Innovation With Upskilling Initiatives


Published on: Business Insider Singapore

A culture of continuous learning, curiosity and being involved in personal progress are core tenets integral to our company culture.

Augmenting a culture of innovation, home-grown property technology company Ohmyhome has introduced a series of upskilling initiatives for its team to excel in their current role and beyond. As part of the company’s ongoing strategy of providing an end-to-end, one-stop solution for the customers, the initiatives will allow the team to become experts in their areas of expertise and continue being in the forefront of real estate.

Each of the initiatives is designed for ongoing talent development – conference sponsorship, knowledge-sharing meetings, in-house training, and career growth opportunities, and are essential for expanding the knowledge base of the team members.

Besides, Ohmyhome implements a mentoring scheme to accelerate knowledge transfer within the company, which has proven effective when team members well-versed in a new programming language actively coach other team members to master the language.

Intending to foster a strong culture of ongoing learning, the fast-growing property technology company also offers its team members dynamic career paths and provides them with opportunities to helm leadership roles.

We take great pride in being able to upskill our team members and watching their talents flourish. Only by growing their expertise can we as an organization continue to develop innovative ideas, and bring better solutions for our customers.

-Rhonda Wong, CEO and co-founder of Ohmyhome.

A key component of upskilling at Ohmyhome, is its industry-leading training programme for its in-house real estate professionals. It not only equips them with essential skills for a smooth property transaction, but also digital skills that leverage on Ohmyhome’s cutting-edge technology to achieve the fastest sales speed at record-breaking prices. The programme is comprehensive and effective, covering financial calculations and timeline management, and teaches advanced insights like property market fundamentals, as well as the best practices for buying and selling a property.

For professionals looking to update their skill sets and knowledge, they can take advantage of the refresher courses offered by the company.

Through the programme, professionals can boost their learning journey and are encouraged to continue providing excellent customer service for their clients.

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