Feng Shui Basics Every Homeowner Should Know


Interested to apply the principles of Feng Shui tradition? It will be difficult to memorise all the “hard rules” when it comes to designing your property to fit Feng Shui guidelines, but you can remember a few there are some key underlying principles which may prove useful.

4 Essential Feng Shui Tips for Homeowners


1. Allow air and light to flow

One of the key principles of feng shui is an understanding of how air and light flow within a property.

The goal is to maximise the flows, which means, paying attention to the placement of doors, windows, walls, and stairways.

If you find a particular corner in your house feels stiff and depressing, consider brightening up the place naturally by installing a window or skylights. Refrain from buying homes where there is a blank wall staring at you the moment you open the front door.

A home is not built to feel like a maze. Design your house so that it has wide spaces, good ventilation, and plenty of natural light. Look for these features when house hunting; you won’t regret it.

2. Face north or south

A south-facing home is supposed to bring its owner fame, wealth, and professional growth. This is possibly tied to the belief that, in China where feng shui originated, a home that faces south brings in the warm summer heat.

But this is not a hard-and-fast rule, so it is still possible to be auspicious if you follow the energy flows according to the complex theory of “bagua”.

Should you follow this tip? A practical reason to have your property facing north or south is the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Living in an apartment where the main windows are facing west would translate to a warmer apartment in the evenings.

Paying attention to the sun’s direction when buying a property is important, as it will determine the brightness levels in your room. You might even consider buying a property that is not directly facing the sun to save on electricity bills, as you would not need to turn on the air-conditioning as much.


3. Avoid T-junctions

Feng shui practitioners advise buyers to avoid property with its main door or gate facing a T-junction. The theory is that spirits get lost near a T-junction and do not know which way to go.

But there are grounds for claiming that it is unwise to purchase a property facing a T-junction. If nothing else, it is difficult to enter and exit your property near a T-junction.

You would have to pay attention to traffic from three directions if you were to leave your house. If you’re driving, it is more difficult to exit your garage with headlights glaring down your rearview mirror.

Having a property on a straight lane would mean that the traffic would zoom past your house. However, having a property near a T-junction, or worse, with a traffic light, would mean that cars would have to stop near your house for a relatively longer period. This may allow strangers to observe your home without you noticing If you value your privacy and security, pay attention to this rule.

It is also not ideal to have car exhaust fumes lingering outside of your house. While these problems may be trivial to some, compounding these minor irritations daily means that you will end up with plenty of stress for years to come.


4. Get rid of clutter

Possibly the easiest tip to implement is to avoid accumulating clutter in the first place. According to feng shui principles, an uncluttered space encourages more positive and harmonious energy to flow inside your home.

Not only that, there are numerous benefits to living in a tidy and clutter-free home. Frequent organising and cleaning will remove many of the visual clutter from our day-to-day lives, encouraging a much more stress-free environment.

Many may claim that feng shui is pure pseudoscience. But it is hard to deny that a lot of its practices agree with those of superb interior design. With careful planning, you can have a home that follows the principles of feng shui.

In fact, you might be planning and designing your home according to feng shui unconsciously.

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