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Always curious about the brains behind the Ohmyhome iOS app? Meet Varun Parakh, our calm and collected Senior iOS Developer by day and die-hard Manchester United supporter by night. A talented developer who has been honing his craft since 2012, Varun deftly pieces together strings of code to create our end-to-end Ohmyhome app for thousands of our iOS users.

Here’s a typical day in his life as an iOS Developer at Ohmyhome.

8:00 am: Work-In-Progress (WIP) meeting

An average Wednesday starts at 8 am with a one-hour meeting across all the departments from Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations, Design, Business Development, the Philippines (PH) team, to the Malaysia team.

Varun updates everyone on the iOS app’s analytics and performance metrics to understand what support he requires from other departments. It’s during this time that he aligns with the rest of the team on projects in the pipeline.

9:00 am: Stand-up meeting


Wednesday calls for back-to-back meetings! After the early morning meeting, Varun heads straight for the tech team’s stand-up meeting – a considerably more casual, catch-up session that allows the tech teams across Singapore and the Philippines to update one another on the projects they’ve worked on last week and their goals for the current week.

9:30 am: Work starts


With his piping hot black coffee at his side, Varun is now ready to dive into his JIRA list, Slack notifications and Trello board. He’ll start the ball rolling by consulting the JIRA list first.

The list is populated by the Quality Analytics (QA) team who will meticulously scour the system and report bugs for Varun to fix. Additionally, our product manager will also add new features there for him to work and code it into existence. Varun will respond to the requests accordingly to ensure the app is up and running as smoothly as possible.

When asked about what was the biggest challenge in his role, he said, “The ever-going quest of building and polishing features to make Ohmyhome the best proptech app there is!” With his expertise leading the charge, our one-stop property transaction ecosystem is poised to take over the region, and soon the world.

1:00 pm: Lunch

At this hour, Varun usually heads out with the rest of the tech team. On top of being a gifted developer, Varun is also the only vegetarian on the team who you’ll always find munching on delicious salads or home-cooked food lovingly prepared by his wife.

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm: Deep work


After lunch, Varun eases himself back into the groove of things. If he’s not furiously coding, he is regularly consulting our Backend Engineer for productive, technology-based discussions that spur creative solutions.

Wonder what motivates him to achieve perfection in his work? “Having a tool to power people to find their happy home is worth cherishing!” he says. Indeed, Varun is someone who wears his passion on his sleeve and will go the distance to help conquer the obstacles in his path.

That being said, it is by no means a solo feat. Varun credits his fellow team members who are instrumental in getting him across the finish line.

4:00pm to 4:15pm: Coffeebreak

For a momentary respite from the deep work momentum – and to clear his head – Varun usually brews himself his second cup of coffee as his daily ritual. He’ll come back with renewed energy to tackle his task lists.

4:15 pm to 4:45 pm: Meeting with Marketing Team

When Varun has deployed an exciting new iOS feature, such as our ShoutOut feature for Malaysia users, he will then need to notify the marketing team to ideate campaigns that will communicate his hard work through beautifully designed artworks, ad copies, blog articles, videos and more.

4:45 pm to 6:00 pm: More coding

During the final hours of the day, Varun uses this time to clear the remaining pending items on his Trello board, which usually consists of code cleanups, committing his code, doing code reviews and submitting pull requests.

Want to know Varun’s secret in building not only an intuitive app but one that is also beneficial for our users? For him, he puts himself in the shoes of the end-user. This way, he effectively aligns his cutting-edge programmatic solutions to real-world problems.

7:00 pm and beyond: Head to a meet-up

Depending on the day of the week, you’ll catch Varun running off to a weekly developers’ meet-up to discuss the hottest iOS trends and discover how his peers are finding solutions to shared problems they’ve encountered while building their respective apps.

However, if there is a big match that night, you’ll find Varun wearing his Manchester United jersey and cheering on his favourite team at a nearby screening. Fun and games aside, the tech team is constantly on standby to put out any metaphorical fires that could occur at any time.


Despite his long day, Varun is always excited to come to work and jokes that he has never experienced the Monday blues, saying, “The feeling of not knowing enough and being vulnerable, coupled by the fact that there’s so much more to learn to upgrade the product is what drives me!”

Are you passionate about creating real value for people and revolutionising the future of the property industry? We want to hear from you. Check out our open positions now!

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