COVID-19: MCO Impact on Malaysian Workers in Singapore, NCCIM Urges Government Intervention


COVID-19 MCO: Malaysian Workers in Singapore Face Housing Issues for the Second Time

Some Malaysian workers are contemplating whether to head home, while their employers try to look for housing or offer temporary loans to allow them to stay.

The renewed scramble to sort out accommodation is due to the stop of Singapore Government’s temporary housing support, as Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) was extended till April 14. Some Malaysian work permit holders have to find cheap temporary accommodation on their own as their employers stopped supporting them.

The Singapore Government had provided S$50 (RM151) per day per worker to offset employers’ costs for the initial two-week lockdown period in Malaysia.

Source: Malay Mail

NCCIM Urges Government Intervention to Ease Financial Woes

The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM) has urged the government to aid businesses and keep them afloat with cash flows and liquidity.

For the property sector, NCCIM’s President Tan Sri Ter Leong Yap strongly suggested the government to:

  • Allow an extension of time for ongoing housing development schemes
  • Provide a waiver of Liquidated Ascertained Damages arising from the delay of works-at-site
  • Rate back the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) to 0% for the disposal of properties held for more than five years
  • Give a special waiver on RPGT (upon eventual sale by the buyer) for all properties bought this year until March 31 next year
  • Let utility companies reduce capital contribution charges by 50% since developers were already mandated to lay infrastructure at development projects
  • Urge the Housing and Local Government Ministry to expedite the Approval of HDA Account (Regulation 9) Excess Money Release in less than one month, instead of the two to four months
  • Advise the government’s loan department to expedite payment to developers in less than two weeks, instead of three to five weeks

Ohmyhome’s Real Estate Negotiator, Vince Lai, shares his views: The proposal for 0% RPGT after five years is a good idea to help sellers who may need to sell their property within this period. On the other hand, special waiver on RPGT will definitely help to boost the market as more buyers will be encouraged to buy properties now.

Source: News Straits Times

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