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Published: 8 July 2019 in TechCoffeehouse

Selling your Malaysia property is now as simple as handing the keys over to Ohmyhome in Singapore or self-listing the property online. Today, Ohmyhome announced that it has officially launched into Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Expansion into other parts of the country, including Johor, are planned in the pipeline. By bringing its end-to-end service offerings to Malaysia, the PropTech company serves not only Malaysia property transactions, but also Malaysia-Singapore cross-border property deals. This establishes Ohmyhome as the first cross-border one-stop property solution as well as demonstrates their continued commitment to making housing transactions simple, fast and affordable. Boasting a unique ‘best of both worlds’ hybrid service model of DIY platform and agent service, Ohmyhome helps buyers and sellers here in Singapore to simplify their Malaysia property transactions.

With some of the pain points in overseas property transactions commonly experienced by customers, such as lack of access to experienced sales professionals and potential buyers and sellers, Ohmyhome solves this with its seamless online-to-offline model, leveraging on its leading technological capabilities and its on-ground teams of professional agents. Their model allows the company to effectively manage every aspect of the transaction in the following ways. Firstly, its licensed agents are employed on a full-time basis and are required to strictly follow the company’s protocols. Secondly, the company assesses the customers’ needs before assigning the right team who specializes in that property type and location. Finally, the company provides its customers with dedicated customer support and its proprietary sales technology to achieve the fastest speed of the sale. The nature of Ohmyhome’s model puts it in a privileged position to offer customers a great transaction experience both in Singapore and Malaysia. No matter where they are, customers can expect to receive consistent quality service. The entire experience becomes a breeze and they can entrust their Malaysia property transactions with Ohmyhome.

Race Wong, COO and co-founder of Ohmyhome said, “We come across many homeowners in Singapore who want to sell and buy properties in Malaysia, but don’t know where to begin, who to turn to and entrust with their property. Trust is one of the main pain points in this type of cross-border transaction and this is where our customer service and agent team come in. Ohmyhome will be their trusted guide that takes care of the entire process from marketing to viewing and closing. Simply pass us the keys and we’ll handle the rest. With Ohmyhome, your property is in good hands!”

The home-grown company has also opened up its free-to-use DIY platform, which is the other half of the hybrid service model,to users in Malaysia and offer them a convenient and fuss-free way to manage their housing transactions on their own. The mobile application serves both Singapore and Malaysia markets and allows Singapore users to connect directly with potential buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords across the border. Furthermore, they can carry out cross-border negotiations, deal-closing and more, all through the one-stop app.

A regional powerhouse for property transactions

Starting with Malaysia, Ohmyhome’s move to venture out of Singapore reflects its belief in Southeast Asia’s potential for technology-enabled real estate transactions and its ambition to become a regional powerhouse for property transactions. It is set on simplifying the way people buy, sell and rent homes in Malaysia while providing cross-border offerings powered by technology and trusted by customers. Ohmyhome targets to have 1,000 listings and 100 transactions in Malaysia in the first quarter of its launch.

Rhonda Wong, CEO and co-founder of Ohmyhome said, “In our pre-launch phase, we’ve accumulated healthy demand for our platform which is indicative of the market’s readiness for a new standard in transacting their properties. Real estate is the most valuable asset class in the world and ought to be well taken care of, and now we have made it simple, fast and affordable to manage your overseas property transaction from right here in Singapore.”

As part of the expansion strategy into Malaysia, Ohmyhome has secured major partnerships to provide better service to its customers, such as with major partner banks and conveyancing firms who will offer housing loans and conveyancing services respectively. Ohmyhome has also inked partnerships with renowned real estate developers which include Sime Darby PROPERTY, Mah Sing Group as well as Tan & Tan Developments, and will feature their new property projects on their platform.

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