Appreciating Mum: 4 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home


Mother’s Day is a beautiful reminder of the dedication and hard work our mums put in every single day to build a loving home. It is also a special day for us to show appreciation to our mums like the queens they are. If you’re planning on celebrating your mum through a memorable DIY experience rather than a store bought gift, this guide is for you.

1. Serve breakfast in bed

Make her favourite breakfast treat and serve it in bed for that extra dose of pampering. Pro tip: wake up extra early so that she won’t catch on to what you’re up to in the kitchen. Bookmark the recipes of your mum’s all-time favourite breakfast dish (eg. pancakes, nasi lemak, scrambled eggs…the list goes on), get the necessary ingredients the day before and channel the best chef you know – mum!

2. Set up a pampering area


What’s more therapeutic than some peaceful me-time? Cordone off a section of the living room as your mum’s own mini spa. To recreate that relaxing spa experience, read up on some beginner’s massage tips, be sure to have a good massage oil on hand and voila! You’re ready to put those magic fingers to work. Not much of a masseuse? Don’t worry, a home made facial or hair mask works just as well. It can be just as easy as whipping together 2 ingredients!

3. Take over the chores

This is the day where your mum shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Think of it as a 365-day work week with only 1 day off. Get your mum to put her feet up and assure her that you have the house chores under control. Do a thorough clean up of the house which will keep everything in order for the next few days. Chores to tick off your list are vacuuming, mopping, dusting, changing the bed sheets, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the toilet, and making the beds.

4. Cook up a spread


Why stop at breakfast? Ride out that momentum and cook a delicious lunch and dinner for the whole family. But hey, if the task seems daunting, delegate your siblings and other family members to help prep the ingredients as you take charge of the stove (or vice versa). It’ll get the meals ready faster and will surely be a welcome relief for mum to not have to worry about cooking for the entire day – win-win!

Stepping into mum’s shoes for a day surely won’t be a walk in the park but here are priceless experiences that money can’t buy: a newfound appreciation for the thankless work mums do in order to keep a household running. To the women who make our homes warm with unconditional love and limitless smiles, we salute you!

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