5 Unbeatable Reasons for Japanese Expats to Live in Mont Kiara


Whenever you hear Mont Kiara, it will usually be associated with expatriates. Most commonly, you will find an influx of Japanese and Korean expats that make up most of the population in this affluent part of Kuala Lumpur. What’s more, Japanese culture can be found at almost every nook and cranny of this suburb. So if you’re from the Land of the Rising Sun, you will feel right at home!

Here’s our Japanese guide to living in Mont Kiara.

1. Well-stocked Japanese supermarkets

You don’t need to fly all the way to Japan to get essentials that are well-stocked in Japanese supermarkets. Newly opened at Arcoris Plaza, Japan Grocer contains a Japanese restaurant with bowls of ramen, fresh sashimi, sushi, as well as an extensive range of sake. Fellow residents will enjoy this wide access to Japanese imported products.

You can also consider dropping by Shojikiya, the first Japanese Food Specialty Store in Malaysia, which offers consumers a complete one-stop shopping experience for their needs with a wide variety of more than 1,000 imported Japanese food products. The list of products includes ready-to-eat confectionaries, to simple-to-prepare cooking ingredients.

Drop by Tokuya, the newly opened Japanese speciality store in Arcoris Plaza, which retails and caters to consumers with a wide range of affordable yet high quality Japanese products. Tokuya is a concept store that carefully selects a variety of household products from Japan. With over 20,000 Japanese products ranging from stationary, kitchenware, glass and ceramic ware, cosmetics, gardening, hardware to toys, you are sure to find something of your liking!

2. Relaxing Japanese spa treatments


Experience the famous onsen right in Malaysia, which is a popular Japanese hot spring bath, at Malaysia’s very first Japanese Onsen Spa by Urban Retreat in 163 Retail Park. A newly opened mixed development in Mont Kiara, the hidden gem is perfect for a recharge. Pamper yourself at Malaysia’s first private onsen spa, which offers guests the traditional Japanese hot spring experience in the privacy of their personal bathhouses. Depending on the package you choose, the onsen soak is then followed by a range of relaxing treatments, from massages to full body scrubs.

3. Reliable medical services

If you ever have the case of a flu, rest assured that a clinic is nearby at your convenience. Hibari Clinic, a Japanese compliance clinic, offers you a sense of security as you can communicate in Japanese. Located in 1 Mont Kiara, it provides patients with various types of primary care medical services ranging from day-to-day health care to the general wound management, thus acting as the family doctor for many.

The clinic is fully equipped with a Nitrous Oxide device, ultrasonic echo, electrocardiogram, blood/ urinalysis device and many more- this allows them to respond quickly to diseases that require immediate attention.

4. Savoury Japanese eateries

If you have Japanese food cravings, rest assured you will never go hungry. Drop by Sushiya at Plaza Mont Kiara, which is a quaint sushi restaurant run by a Japanese chef. You can either choose to order from the ala carte menu or from the various set choices if you prefer to leave your meal at the hands of the chef. Other great choices in the area include Japan-based Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura offering affordable, tasty noodles, Menya Kamikaze for its unique Tsukemen-style ramen, as well as the authentic Ittan Izakaya for its choices of Dons, Sushi, Grilled Seafood and Yakitori.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can satiate your taste buds at Kyoto-based Tsujiri with its menu of Uji-origin tea, or a combination of ice cream flavours with matcha and hojicha in soft serves, parfaits and shaved ice desserts.

5. Trendy Japanese hair salons

Pamper yourself with a treat at the numerous Japanese salons, boutiques, and spas which have all sprung up in the suburb. Get the latest hair trends from Tokyo at Plaza Mont Kiara’s 76Style, a Japanese beauty salon offering personalized hair and nail services for individual clients while providing a welcoming environment.

With all these exciting local offerings at your fingertips, you will feel as if you are right back at home in Japan. As most of the Japanese community is centred in the area, the Japan Foundation of Kuala Lumpur also organises several activities around Mont Kiara, making sure that you will not feel alone. If you’re looking at properties in Mont Kiara, check out our authentic listings now!

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