5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Kepong


Regardless if it is for work, leisure or own stay, it is essential to pick out the right home at the right location, especially if it is your very first property purchase. While each district has its own distinct charm, there are plenty of reasons why Kepong deserves plenty of serious consideration as well.

Strategic Location

Kepong is nuzzled between the border of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, two major cities in Klang Valley, providing easy access to workplaces and leisure activities.

Locating 12km away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre and 10km away from Petaling Jaya, both cities are easily accessible via several highways and main roads such as the Middle Ring Road 2, Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong, Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway, Jalan Kuching and Jalan Kepong.

From its strategic location, travelling to most major parts within Klang valley only requires less than 35 minutes. For public transport options, there are two KTM stations: Kepong station and Kepong Sentral Station, and with future plans for the MRT Sungai Buloh Serdang Putrajaya Line.

Kepong Metropolitan Park

The 95-hectare park is located at the northern end of Jinjang and is famous among locals for the kite flying activities. It also features a skate park, a 57-hectare lake which you are allowed to fish in, and a jogging walkway circling the entire park.


You will be hardpressed to find a parking spot in the area during the evening on the weekends, where all the families would come out and have picnics and kite flying sessions. Yet, during the weekdays, the park is mostly empty except for frequent joggers and sports enthusiasts, producing a perfect blend of excitement and serenity.

The park is a wonderful addition to the Kepong district, and it is easily accessible Middle Ring Road 2, and is very visible from the highway.

FRIM Kepong

Following the theme of nature and serenity, comes the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), one of the world’s leading institutions in tropical forestry research centres. The institute sits on a 545-hectare site adjacent to the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve in the Kepong municipality, 16 km northwest of Kuala Lumpur, and has produced multiple award-winning research papers.

However, the institute is not just for the researchers, because it is open to the public as well. Visitors are welcome to host camping activities, trek at the nature trails and picnic near Sungai Kroh. It also features a number of botanical gardens, with the Ethnobotanical Garden acting as a site to domesticate and conserve medicinal and aromatic plants.

The institute offers an excellent pastime for families with kids, provided that you follow the stringent visitor guidelines.

A Matured Community

Throughout Kepong’s history, the area has seen, in effect, a sizeable amount of Chinese population, being one of the matured townships in the neighbourhood.

Being in such a mature neighbourhood will give investors a level of certainty that there is a healthy amount of population to rent out your properties at a much more predictable rate. Being a matured neighbourhood also translates to better infrastructure and amenities that are hard to find in the rural parts of the country.

But most importantly, a matured neighbourhood also commands stronger community leagues, with active Facebook community groups and a well-established support system. It is more likely that you will meet people who greatly care about the neighbourhood and its well being.

Increasing Demand

Kepong property prices have remained mainly affordable in recent years.

The median price per square feet (psf) for properties in Kepong has largely remained lower than the average prices in Kuala Lumpur, despite the advantageous location that it has.

However, things might change with the advent of the Desapark City, a successful development that in terms of build quality, amenities and reputation that has pulled in plenty of property buyers in the surrounding region.

“Desa ParkCity, which enjoys a KL address, is able to fetch better prices because of its better living environment and designs, and attracts a more affluent class of residents from outside Kepong,” says Tang Chee Meng, Henry Butcher’s Chief Operating Officer in a Focus Malaysia interview.

The success of Desapark City has introduced a spillover effect to nearby districts, with developers launching new property projects in the nearby vicinity, with projects such as Fortune Centra Residence, The Henge and Damansara Avenue and Mizumi Residences.

The attractiveness of Kepong does not just stem from the fact that it is a matured neighbourhood, where existing families are looking to reside near their parents, the township does have merit in its own rights for new property buyers unfamiliar with the area.

With just the simple fact that Kepong is nestled right in between Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, and the ease of access to both metropolitans via major roads and highways, makes Kepong highly desirable in your daily commute to work and for leisure.

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