3 Useful Features of Ohmyhome App for Foreigners Renting in Malaysia


Contributor: Ethan

Navigating Malaysia’s complex housing market can be tough for native Malaysians, let alone foreigners looking for a new home. That’s where Ohmyhome comes in; their goal is to make housing transactions simple, fast, and affordable for anyone looking for a home!

With their free do-it-yourself Property Technology (PropTech) platform, you’ll see how they’ve made renting a home in Malaysia simpler than ever before. Check out a few of the useful features that make the app crucial for your next home search!

1. Location: List and Map View

Still navigating Malaysia’s dozens of diverse neighbourhoods? Ohmyhome helps simplify the process, showing you where restaurants, public transportation, schools, shops, and more are located with each listing! Just select a listing to see if its location is ideal for you!

2. ShoutOut‚Ñ¢

Oftentimes, it can be hard to find the exact kind of place you’re looking for. Ohmyhome’s ShoutOut‚Ñ¢ feature makes it a cinch, connecting buyers to sellers and tenants to landlords need in a simple, easy to use feature! With ShoutOut‚Ñ¢, foreigners can post exactly what they’re looking for, letting Malaysian homeowners connect with you directly if they have a place that fits your needs.


3. Journey Guides

Renting a home isn’t just a quick decision; it’s a process that includes tons of paperwork and so much more. At Ohmyhome, they’re there for the entire journey, helping you navigate every aspect of renting a home in Singapore! With their Journey Guide feature, Ohmyhome offers an easy to follow the checklist of home rental, turning a complicated process into an easy one! You’ll never have to worry about missing a step again.

Download Ohmyhome from Play Store or App Store now to try out all these amazing features for yourself.

TIP: If you’re using the app from abroad, make sure you change your application store’s default country settings in order to download the Ohmyhome app!

About the contributor:
Ethan is an American college student working and studying in Singapore, originally from San Francisco, California. He is passionate about technology, travel, and sports.

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DIY 100% Free, No hidden or success fee

Looking for your dream home in Malaysia?


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