How Much Is Too Much When It Comes to Long Commutes? Are Halfway Homes a Need More Than a Luxury?

Understandably, the workplace and the home may not belong in the same community. Business districts often house a number of corporate offices while industrial parks host manufacturing centers. For many employees who already have a home somewhere else, long commutes are a way of life five days a week.

Metro Manila lists its primary business hubs as Ortigas, Makati, and Bonifacio Global City. Getting to these districts requires significant commute time for many workers. Many hail from either the south (South Metro Manila and Laguna areas) or the north (Quezon City, CAMANAVA, and Bulacan). It didn’t help that many Filipino workers take public transportation to and from work or do not own private vehicles. 

Commuting in Metro Manila

According to Numbeo, the average distance Metro Manila commuters travel daily going to or from work is 11,6 kilometers. To arrive at their destination, commuters spend an average of 53.64 minutes. In another survey, Statista reported that 55% of daily commuters spend 15 to 59 minutes traveling to their place of work. Another 10% reported that they endure daily commute times of between an hour to 119 minutes. 

Office Topics reported that the globally accepted standard for acceptable daily commute times is between 30 to 60 minutes a day (one way). Any daily work travel that exceeds these averages may have long-term, detrimental effects on workers. 

This begs the question: Is there anything good that can come out of commuting to work, especially long ones? Like we mentioned earlier, not everybody can afford to live in the metro right next to their offices. 

The Pros and Cons of Long Commutes

Do people prefer commuting to living near their place of work? That depends on where the workplace exactly is. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of long commutes.  

Pro: You Maintain Your Present Standard of Living 

Districts like BGC and Makati command much higher prices per square meter and more expensive monthly rental rates. Also, living in the business districts means you’ll need to adjust your standard of living to a more expensive lifestyle, as everything is a bit more expensive in Makati and BGC. In other words, savings will often take a backseat to convenience.

Commuting allows you to stay within your established residence. It also helps you avoid the need to adjust to a different, more expensive standard of living. 

Pro: More Travel Time, More Time For Reflection

Whether driving your own car or taking public transportation, commuting allows you to spend some time by yourself and compose your thoughts for the day. This gives you the opportunity to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. At the same time, long commutes give you time to set your mood through your choice of music or podcast or even a daily dose of the news. For many workers, this “me time” might be the only time available for yourself during the workday, 

Pro: Your Residential Choice isn’t Tied Up To Your Current Workplace

Considering the flighty nature of employment, especially among the white-collar workforce, establishing roots near your current workplace is a gamble. This decision assumes that you plan on spending your entire career working for this single company. Once you and this company part ways, having a permanent residence there suddenly becomes unnecessary and counterproductive. 

Con: Fuel and Transportation Costs Are Getting More Expensive

Transportation costs in Metro Manila increased by 15% between 2020 and 2021, mainly due to the rising costs of oil and fuel products. Commuters are now suddenly getting hit with an additional burden even as they already suffer from traffic jams. Commuters living in the suburbs such as Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna may find themselves most disadvantaged as they endure the longest and most expensive daily trips.

Those with their own vehicles might be groaning with the rise in fuel prices over the past few months. With the cost of fuel doubled, they’ll need to pay more for their daily trips even if they have yet to receive any adjustments in pay.    

Con: You Lose Hours of Your Daily Life

The longer hours you spend on the road, the less time you have for other things. This is especially true for those enduring 1-hour or more daily commutes. This means less time spent at home with the family. Less time spent on a leisurely breakfast or an enjoyable dinner. This does not include days when weather or traffic problems push the commute times to double or triple the usual time. In these cases, you’ll arrive at work extra annoyed. Upon arriving home, you’ll also likely feel more tired and will have no time for anything else other than a quick dinner, a shower, and then straight to bed. 

Should You Continue With Long Commutes, or Should You Plan Living Near the Workplace?

When deciding between commuting to work or living within the area, your long-term plans should factor in. Renting a place might provide you with a temporary option that allows you to return to your hometown once you part ways with your employer. 

As long as commuting takes up a reasonable amount of time from your daily life, you can probably bear the inconvenience. After all, taking up residence in a business district means additional expenses, which can cost more than your travel expenses in the long run. However, if you prefer saving time over money, then maybe getting a place nearby might work out better. Being minutes away from the office means less hectic travel times. In addition, you don’t feel compelled to rush to and from work if only just to beat the rush. 

Let Ohmyhome Help You Solve Your Long Commutes

Whether looking for a comfortable residence far from the madding workplace or searching for that perfect space that allows you proximity to your workplace, let Ohmyhome help you find the home of your dreams. Buying or renting within your budget should be no problem with the help of Ohmhome’s team of professionals. 

Find out the best places and the best deals by visiting us at Ohmyhome Philippines. You’ll get access to the latest news, trends, available properties, and prices in the country today. Or, follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. You can also download the Ohmyhome mobile app for iOS and Android for even easier access. 

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What Condominium Amenities Should You Consider When Buying a Unit?

The decision to buy a condominium usually hangs on its location, which is pretty much standard for any real estate transaction. However, when choosing between condominiums located in the same area, how do you settle the matter? Will the price be your simple tie-breaker? Or, would condominium amenities play a bigger role in the decision? 

Condominiums play a huge role in providing shelter for people in crowded cities. Those working in business districts will always appreciate having a home that’s within minutes from their workplace. In return, however, tenants will have to make do with smaller living spaces. 

Types of Condominium Amenities

Artist’s Perspective of The Seasons Residences

Thankfully, condominiums make up for the smaller residences by offering a huge variety of amenities. By amenity, we will go with the widely-accepted definition: a desirable or functional feature that can provide convenience or comfort to tenants. In addition, most see location as an intangible amenity that can influence the daily activities of its residents. 

Below are some of the common types of condominium amenities: 


Artist’s Perspective of Gold Residences

Knowing you live in a safe and secure environment will always be a foremost consideration when choosing a condominium. This is why 24-hour security, closed-circuit cameras, and regular guard patrols should be standard amenities for any condominium you are contemplating purchasing.   


Artist’s Perspective of The Velaris Residences

Like security, elevators should also be standard when it comes to mid-rise and high-rise condominiums. Other desirable condominium amenities focused on convenience include building connectors, covered walkways, multiple entrances, and a reception area or concierge. As dictated by law, handicapped access and parking spaces should also be a given in any condominium project.  

Sports and Recreational 
Artist’s Perspective of Panglao Oasis

This type is one of the most popular considerations when choosing a condo. Foremost is the presence of a swimming pool. Given the tropical climate of the country, many families enjoy having a nice swim on a hot day. However, on ordinary days, most prefer to do so within their enclosed community instead of going out to public pools and beaches. In addition to pools, many tenants would like to have courts (basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball) that are available year-round. Many would also love having a gym, jacuzzi, and saunas.  These all provide avenues for physical relaxation after a tiring week at work.   

Business and Events 
Artist’s Perspective of The Velaris Residences

When developers establish a community, it becomes inevitable that many of these tenants will form groups based on their mutual interests. In addition, families also tend to organize large celebrations that will require more space than their units can provide. This is condominiums will usually allocate enough space for event halls, function rooms, and even study areas. For a minimal fee, tenants will have exclusive access to these amenities for their private events. 

Mental Health/Meditative 

Artist’s Perspective of Gold Residences

Apart from recreational amenities, many unit owners would also love access to quiet zones that can afford them the mental break they need from time to time. Condominium amenities that cater to this requirement include lush greenery, zen or meditation gardens, reflection pools, and even small chapels. 


Artist’s Perspective of The Velaris Residences

At present, not all condominium associations approve of having pets in residences. However, many have already warmed up to the idea and there is growing support for establishing pet-friendly venues within the common areas. Enclaves and parks allow residents to bring their pets along so that they can have some exercise and meet other pets as well.  

Which Condominium Amenities Should You Choose? 

Ideally, all these amenities should be made available to all condominiums so there’s no need to choose. However, different strokes for different folks and some developers prioritize certain amenities over others. Choosing a condo that includes the amenity types you needs is one way to narrow down a purchase decision. You should always get your money’s worth, and choosing the condominium amenities that you will find most helpful is one way of ensuring this. 

When running through your choices, ask yourself a few questions. What’s the amenity that you can’t live without? What are the amenities that would be great to have? By the end of the day, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you want, which should help make you arrive at a decision much easier.    

Check Out Ohmyhome’s Extensive List of Condominiums

Looking for the perfect condominium that fits your needs? Check out The Velaris Residences by RHK Land Corporation, The Seasons Residences by Federal Land Inc., Panglao Oasis by Filinvest, and Gold Residences by SMDC. Visit us here at Ohmyhome or get the mobile app on Google Play or App Store. You can also follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. 

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Singapore OFWs Are in for a Treat as the Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow Kicks off This September 27!

Are you an overseas Filipino worker currently stationed in Singapore? Is buying a house a big part of your dreams when you signed your first contract to work abroad? If yes, don’t let your dreams be dreams! However, getting the best deals and properties to maximize your hard-earned money will need careful scouting and expert advice. Thankfully, you can have both. The Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow kicks off this September and it starts in Singapore! 

With the Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow, participants will get the chance to learn more about the country’s hottest properties available in the market today. But that’s just the beginning. By registering for the Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow, you’ll also receive valuable insights and learnings on the current home market situation. You’ll also pick up helpful tips and advice on how to invest in local properties while you’re far away from home. 

The Hottest Properties 

For the kickoff leg in Singapore, the Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow will feature properties from two of the country’s foremost residential developers: Aspire by Filinvest and Avida by Ayalaland. 

Artist’s perspective of Panglao Oasis

Filinvest’s Aspire shares the dream of the mobile Filipino worker to live in communities that feature a vibrant and activity-filled lifestyle. This is why the developer brought to life communities that promote flexible living spaces while maintaining the comforts and necessities befitting modern life. Perfect for urban professionals, upwardly-mobile families, and the forward-thinking OFW. Whether you want a spacious community life in a detached home community or the fast-paced, urban lifestyle with its mid-rise and high-rise condominiums, Aspire has something for you! 

Meanwhile, Avida is one of the country’s most prolific developers, coming up with exciting development projects during its 30 years in the country. Backed by the aegis of Ayalaland,  Avida offers an easy, distinct, and enriching lifestyle for its homes. In the thriving middle-class market, Avida is fast becoming the developer of choice among hardworking urban professionals. 

Artist’s perspective of Averdeen Estates

Valuable Insights and Advice 

Of course, buying a home requires some deep-dive introspection. It’s a make-or-break investment that can charter you and your family’s future life decisions. This is why it’s important to get all the information out there. By sifting through these pieces and weighing all available options, you can confidently make a conscious and informed decision that’s yours and yours alone. 

Thankfully, the Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow may just have some answers to questions you didn’t know you should ask. As part of its September 27 roadshow presentation, Ohmyhome is inviting two of the most prominent names in local real estate to give you the rundown. 

First, Havitas International co-founder and Keller Williams Manila Bay principal Mr. Andy Mañalac will deliver a keynote presentation on “Property investing for the overseas Filipino in 2022: Why Now and Where?” In addition, Avida Head of Sales Ed del Valle will be on hand to talk about the value of “Investing in Your Hometown While Far From Home.” He’ll be happy to share his insights on how to go on about setting up for your future in your home province.  

Meanwhile, Aven Valderrama, Vice President of Filinvest Land Inc, will talk about  “Investing in Vertical Projects in Major CBDs”. She’ll go over the numbers and help you understand what to expect when investing in homes located in business districts.  

Get Your Seats for the Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow Now!

Before you plunk down that deposit, take time to listen to what the experts have to say. More importantly, check out the hottest properties available and let Ohmyhome lead you to your promised home! Working in another country is already a noble sacrifice that deserves great rewards in the future. Ohmyhome will be there to help make sure your investments go toward maximum returns. 

Join the first-ever Ohmyhome Philippine Property Roadshow happening this Sept. 27, Tuesday, at 7:00 pm via Zoom and Facebook Live. Visit the Ohmhome Philippines site and register for this life-changing event! For more details, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube

Is Building A Smart Home Really Just About Convenience?

Are you living in a smart home? If not, are you planning to in the future? Does that mean wiring your house and turning it into your digital fortress with your mobile phone as your key?  But, what do you really get out of creating a smart home? What can it accomplish? And given all that, is it really worth the effort? 

Of course, the phrase “smart home” doesn’t actually mean your two-bedroom unit suddenly grew sentient and took over the duties of household management. Given what smart devices can do now, there’s very little doubt things will progress toward that goal. But for now,  a smart home is a residence that hosts a network of internet-connected devices. Notice that with all the automation going on in the house, the owner still has to trigger each event. With a smart home, they can do us using their smartphones. 

Smart Homes Need Smart Devices

Key to the ongoing smart home revolution is the growing popularity of smart devices. Unlike regular “dumb” appliances, these units feature Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity. Whether it’s something simple like a smart lightbulb or something more complex like an entire security network, smart devices are more than just remote-controlled appliances. Many of these smart devices also perform monitoring services in addition to their primary function. 

Hence, refrigerators issue an SMS to Mom when the milk is running out. Or a light bulb nearing its lifespan. This means that not only can homeowners control what appliances to turn on and off inside their houses remotely, but they can also get feedback on what’s happening in the house. Temperature, humidity, electrical consumption, and fire or CO2 detection. 

Basic Smart Devices You Need

At this point, you probably already have one or two smart devices that can power your home. A smart TV is a safe bet, especially if you’re into streaming movies. However, there’s not much use remotely operating a TV when you’re out. And maybe, you already have those round robot vacuum cleaners that you can remotely activate when nobody’s home. If nothing else, it’s an entertaining way to clean the house. 

To make for a real smart home, you’ll need some other gadgets as well. Chief among them are the following: 


The hub is the control center that serves as the gateway between you and your smart home devices. You probably know them by their names: Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Siri. These devices allow you to use voice commands when remotely controlling equipment while at home. Alexa et al can also provide you with quick answers to common, everyday questions like the weather, sports scores, or even celebrity gossip. They can also write down your grocery lists or schedule your to-dos. 

Smart Plugs/Smart Sockets

If you’re not yet willing to throw out your current appliances for any reason, you can still give them a bit of an intelligence boost. Smart plugs or smart sockets will act as a secondary gateway between your dumb devices like washing machines, electric kettles, garage door openers, and air conditioners. Since the plug or the socket can be controlled remotely, you can easily switch your dumb devices on and off remotely as well. Until you’re ready to fully commit to a fully Smart Home, these devices should do for them meantime. 

Smart Lights

Somehow, this is the poster child for smart homes. Lights that go on and off via voice command. You can imagine how many millions of dads already managed to shout “Let there be light!” during the first few weeks of installing smart lighting. 

Smart Security System

Instead of buying a subscription to have a company monitor your house, you can do it yourself using a smart security system overlooking your property. These state-of-the-art systems can monitor not just the temperature, but can also detect the presence of any noxious gases in the house. It also continuously monitors your house and pays special attention to your doors, windows, and other openings. 

So, Is Having a Smart Home Worth It? 

Those who find the concept of a smart home as something for lazy or entitled people are likely seeing just one side of the coin. True, switching on a light bulb or turning on your coffee maker aren’t exactly bone-breaking chores that you need Alexa to take over. There’s no denying the convenience aspect, but the real reason for installing smart home systems is practicality. Many studies already show that having remote access to your appliances can save thousands of pesos every year from electricity costs. Why leave your laptop charging at home when you just turn off the socket remotely? 

In addition, security is also something that a smart home setup can help with. Imagine having the ability to lock a door you forget to earlier? Or receiving a message from your phone about a potential short-circuit in one of your outlets. In the end, a smart home system can be anything you want it to be. You can choose just to have a security system that you can monitor over your phone. Or you can go the full monty and get all the bells and whistles. And if building a smart home means having fun, why shouldn’t you?

Even luxury offerings in the Philippines are now starting to move towards the smart route, led by the flagship project of RHK Land, a joint venture between Robinsons Land and Hong Kong Land — The Velaris Residences promises smart luxury vertical living.

Want to know which properties and developments are smart home-ready here in the Philippines? Visit the Ohmyhome Philippines website or download the mobile app for iOS and Android to know about the hottest and tech-savvy properties out there. You also get the latest in real estate news, trends, and prices. Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for even more content.  

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2R 20th Anniversary: Rosanne And Race Wong Celebrate With Ohmyhome

Rosanne and Race Wong, of the sister-cantopop duo 2R, are finally in the same corner of the world after 2 years of being separated by the pandemic. They’ve reunited in sunny Singapore to celebrate 2R’s 20th anniversary — and they’re spilling all the details.

Much has changed since their 2R days. Rosanne and Race now have families of their own and are running successful businesses in Singapore and Hong Kong, respectively. 

But they’ve come back together for a special reunion series with Ohmyhome to pull back the curtains on 2R’s origin story, the challenges they faced as singers in Hong Kong, and even who their favourite idols are. They also share personal stories of their family’s humble beginnings and give us a taste of what they’re up to today.

Welcome to the 2R Reunion

Episode 1: We got 2R to answer your burning questions

To kickstart their reunion, Rosanne and Race tackle some burning questions from their fans. From how they got started in their singing career to the challenges they faced in their journey to release their own music in Hong Kong, you can hear it all from 2R.

Episode 2: OMG did they really move 30 times? How old are they?

This episode is a special one, as the two sisters recount their childhood memories of moving from one home to another. As the title suggests, they’ve moved around quite a bit. Race especially understands what it takes to move from Singapore to Hong Kong, and back to Singapore once again, after going through the process years ago. 

In the episode, she sheds some light on how she can help if you’re looking to make the move from Hong Kong to Singapore through her company Ohmyhome, an all-in-one property solution. She also shares property market data to give you a better comparison of the price trends in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“If you want to come to Singapore to rent or buy homes,” Race says, “you can always look for me. I have a company called Ohmyhome, and we can help you find a home.”

You can find out more about Ohmyhome Relocation Services here.

Episode 3: ​​2R carpool karaoke! 

After 20 years, can 2R still remember the lyrics to their songs? We find out in this episode. 

As they drive around Singapore, Rosanne and Race revisit their songs and catch up on their lives outside of the spotlight. Race also shares about her ongoing home renovation and how, through her experiences working with different firms and contractors, she was inspired to start her own renovation company — also under the Ohmyhome brand.

You can find all of these videos on Ohmyhome’s official YouTube channel here. And keep a look out for the last episode — which will be coming very soon! To be notified when the final episode is up on our channel, you can hit the ‘Subscribe’ button and click the ‘bell’ button to be notified.

If you want to rewatch the first three 2R Reunion episodes, you can find them in this playlist right here

Is It a Good Time to Buy a House?

What are the top three considerations when buying a house? Location, location, location.  And right now, the entire Philippines is starting to heat up. In fact, prices are starting to go up yet again as the economy slowly reopens. Right now, the average price of a 50 to 70-square-meter lot in Metro Manila costs around three to five million pesos (P66,667/sqm). For cost-conscious would-be homeowners, prices do tend to go down when you go opposite the country’s center of population. 

The tradeoff, however, will be steep. Whatever money you save from buying a house in boondocks will give way to increased household and transportation expenses, with the biggest killers being fuel and toll expenses.  In addition, amenities we take for granted in the metro like a stable internet signal, steady water pressure, and a reliable power grid. 

Cash or Charge? 

The good thing about investing in property is that they almost always appreciate value over time. This is why most investors will tell you that the best time to buy a house was five or ten years ago. Right now, the Philippine property market is about to take off again. However, prices are rising along with interest rates. 

First, let’s tackle interest rates. The Bangko Sentral recently raised overnight interest rates from 2.5% to 3.25%. Long story short, it costs more to take out a loan than it was two years ago because of higher interest. The same goes for smaller loan products such as credit debt, auto financing, or payday loans. For homebuyers, expect interest rates to reach double digits, especially for 20-year mortgages.   

Next, we look at property prices. According to the March 2022 Bangko Sentral Residential Real Estate Price Index, local house prices grew 5.6% year on year from March 2015 to March 2022. In the period between December 2021 and March 2022 alone, prices jumped by nearly 5.0% 

So, is Now a Good Time to Buy?

Sadly, there is no straight answer to this question. Prices are higher and interest rates might be higher compared to rates before the pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll go down soon. The nature of real estate investments, especially those in great locations, is that prices only go one direction: up. Buying now may seem disadvantageous compared to a few years back. However, that’s always been the case with real estate. Take the case of pre-selling developments. You can buy them much cheaper when the actual place is just dug-soil without so much as an entranceway. Get the developers to work and you’ll find prices nearly double when the first row houses appear. 

But what about inflation rates? They will go down eventually, right? Yes, but your purchasing power won’t likely return the way it was before. While interest rates might go down, prices will stay up. 

So, what’s the bottom line when buying a house? Buy your dream home soonest you can afford one. Property is a finite resource. Waiting for better conditions won’t guarantee your ideal house or even location remains available. Sometimes, it’s better to buy high and see interest rates drop than buy low and see the opposite effect. 

Learn More About Real Estate in the Philippines

Learn more about the current real estate situation in the Philippines today! Visit Ohmyhome Philippines to get the latest news and trends on the hottest Philippine properties today. Subscribe to Ohmyhome’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts, or download the iOS or Android app.

Should You Buy or Build Your House?

For some enterprising homeowners, purchasing a lot instead of a house and lot seems like the wiser investment. Once they pay for the lot in full, that’s when the owner starts with the house construction. But is this a good deal? Is it better to buy or build your house? More to the point, which option is cheaper? 

Buy or Build Your House: BUY

Instead of contracting the developer to provide the house, they got a separate contractor to do so. But is that a good move? Buying a house (with a lot) is usually cheaper than building one. However, the main reason for this is that developers can buy raw materials in bulk and house designs remain standard. 

In addition, you won’t have to worry about the impact of construction delays, overhead costs, and issues such as labor or material shortages. Your developer is on the hook for that. All you have to do is sign the contract, pay your monthly dues, and wait for the developer to turn over the keys to the house.   

Buy or Build Your House: BUILD

Building your own house means designing it to your needs. Most developer houses are designed for a family of four, so building your own dream home can accommodate your family’s actual size. All it takes is spending time with your architect and telling them your exact specifications. Design-wise, it’s your call. The choice of color, materials, and even where each piece of furniture goes. 

Customization also helps set your house apart from your neighbors. Going home after a hard day’s work to rows and rows of similar-looking houses can be a tiresome sight. Instead, go home to a house you know that’s yours and yours alone.  

Buy or Build Your House: Price Check

Whichever option you choose, be prepared for the costs. Even without extras, building a house can be a formidable expense. According to construction site, the cost of building a house goes at an average of P20,000 per square meter, using basic construction materials. Expect prices to go higher as inflation continues to rear its ugly head worldwide. Earlier this year, Manila Bulletin reported that construction materials such as cement and steel bars all went up by about 25%. If you plan on getting these materials yourself, consider local fuel prices when trying to haul materials over long distances. 

Labor costs also rose but at minimal rates. As of May 2022, the minimum wage for Metro Manila-based workers rose from P537 to P570. Nearby regions also reported increases between P33 and P110. Still, this can take a substantial bite out of your budget, whether you hire laborers directly or use workers from a construction firm. 

The Bottom Line

What’s our take on the debate on whether to buy or build a house? If you can afford it, go customize your house, especially if you plan on living there for a long time. However, be prepared to pay for the privilege. However, check with your developer if they allow custom houses or lot-only purchases. 

Ready-to-move houses aren’t a bad second option. All costs related to labor and materials are already factored in your contract price, so you don’t have to worry about inflation or rising prices. As long as you deal with a reputable developer, you’re more likely to stay in good hands. Just make sure you clear with your real estate agent all your concerns about the house before signing the dotted line. 

Let Ohmyhome Be Your Guide

Not sure which real estate developer to approach? Let Ohmyhome help you find the right property For the latest news and trends on the hottest Philippine properties today, visit us at Ohmyhome Philippines or download the iOS or Android app!  Even better, subscribe to Ohmyhome’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts to get daily postings. 

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  • Coach team on cross-functionality and self-management
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  • Produce accurate reports of IT operations and present to management
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  • Proven leadership to motivate the Scrum team members to perform at their best
  • Efficient organizational skills to effectively manage tasks and resources for your team
  • Technical knowledge about software development to understand developers’ tasks and anticipate issues they will encounter
  • Business analytical skills to refine products to meet company and customer needs

Powering Up Our Tech! Prioritising Security for Our App Users

In 2016, Ohmyhome launched with an app that helped you buy and sell homes easier and faster.

In the years since, we’ve included plenty of features that made the initial promise easier to fulfill.

And as usual, we only keep improving. 

In August this year, Ohmyhome will be rolling out a new in-app chat update that creates a safer environment for all users on our app.

Ohmyhome chats now have a more modern and aesthetic look and feel.

We’ve doubled down on security and made that our utmost priority by:

  • Introducing fraud detection measures that flag out suspicious behaviours on the marketplace by blocking phrases and sentences typical scam artists use.

  • Removing the “Make An Offer” feature, which we’ve identified as one of the functions abused to pressure users to send money to what they believe to be a legitimate process and request in buying or viewing a home.

  • Implementing read receipts to ensure that a user always knows the buyer or seller’s level of engagement. In a chat conversation, you can now see if the other party has read your message.

You will receive push notifications when you get a chat reply on the Ohmyhome app.

  • Adding push notifications for the chat function so that you’re notified when you receive a reply. This means you end up buying, selling, renting, or leasing your home much quicker, saving precious time, and likely closing at a better deal.
  • Promoting an environment to keep the entire conversation you have with an interested party within the app (it’s much safer to keep Chats on Ohmyhome).

Important note for active users:

1. (For all users) All closed and completed chat history sessions will be removed, but conversations with active listings will remain.

2. (For Singapore app users only) The appointment setting function will also be removed, but only temporarily. A new and improved version will be introduced soon.

This will be a mandatory update so you will have to ensure you’ve updated the app to its latest version before you can continue using it.

We’ll remind you as the days get closer.

If you have yet to download our app, today is still the best day to do so. Put the power and knowledge of buying or selling your home in your hands. Feel free to click the image to your respective app stores below to download the app.

Download the Ohmyhome app on Google Play or App Store.

We’re looking forward to making sure your experience with Ohmyhome continues to be a pleasant one and we’re excited to let you know what else we have in store to make your homeowning experience even simpler and safer.

While the Information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the Information. The Information may change without notice and Ohmyhome is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored or in any way interpreted and used by a user.

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