Sell Condo Malaysia

Planning to sell your condo in Malaysia? Sellers are charged based on how much their property is worth. This worth is pegged at the current market value, rather than a private valuation. Charges begin from 0.25% for the first RM100,000, and gradually decreases with each bracket. When you sell your condo in Malaysia, leaving buyers with a good first impression is the key to securing a good deal. For Malaysian homes, which are often larger, major costs such as retouching paint jobs, carpets, and wallpapers have to be taken into account. This often pays off in the long run by giving your property a fresh, new look. That’s not the end of the fees, however. When you sell your condo in Malaysia, you will find that property transaction itself requires money to be sunk in. Real estate agents typically charge 2-3% of the property price. Outstanding property fees encompass quit rent (aka cukai pintu), or, in the case of strata buildings, parcel rent. For extra protection, real estate agents often recommend that property sellers get a lawyer to draft the Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA). Keeping everything in black and white decisively settles disputes that arise more often than not.

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