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Buying a home is an important milestone for many Malaysians. Seven in 10 Malaysians surveyed in 2019 said they would consider buying a new home after the National Affordable Housing Council has made efforts to push for affordable housing with its One Million Affordable Homes 2018-2028 project. Malaysians often cite down payment, loan margins, and lifestyle as major roadblocks preventing them from owning a home. Despite these obstacles, 69% of Malaysians wish to purchase a home to gain a sense of ownership. Hence, property guides are helpful especially for first time buyers. When buying a property in Malaysia, location is crucial. Some rural parts of Malaysia may not see development for decades to come. On the other hand, targeting popular locations in the heartlands could mean purchasing inflated properties and having prices pushed down over the years due to oversupply and intense competition for tenants. We’ll provide you with up-to-date property guides for Malaysia. Malaysia property is also structured for long term investors. Dabbling is disincentivised by the government, which places Real Property Gain Tax (RGBT) of 10% on property sold within two years, and 5% on property sold within the third and fifth year. Therefore, property buyers of Malaysian estate should be prepared to hold onto their properties for at least five years instead of trying to make a quick buck.

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