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Planning to purchase a property in Malaysia for investment? We provide investor guides to locals and foreigners who intend to grow their properties. Real estate property is a traditional form of investment. Afterall, people are always going to need homes, meaning that there will always be some sort of demand. But enter the world of property and you’ll find yourself bombarded with terms, loans, and jargon that is enough to scare away any new investor. As with any investment, the first step is to determine how much disposable capital and debt one has. The Debt to Service Ratio (DSR) is the tried and tested standard by which real estate agents and property buyers use to determine the property they can afford. As a general rule of thumb, the debt against net income value should not exceed 70% of the net income. Investors guides will be handy especially for foreigners who may not be too familiar with Malaysia’s real estate policies. The main types of property Malaysians tend to invest in are Terrace houses, Semi-Detached houses, Detach houses (bungalows), and High Rise or strata residential properties. Strata residential properties is an umbrella term that covers condominiums, serviced residences, and apartments. It is important to note that Malaysia’s real estate climate favours long term investments of over five years, and that location of a property is often a much stronger determining factor of property price compared to property type.

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