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For many Malaysians, buying a home marks a major milestone in their lives. In fact, Malaysia is ranked to be the country that is most concerned about buying homes and property in Asia, and the fourth most property-obsessed nation in the world. In fact, 35% of Malaysians millennials own property while 94% of those who do not own property have plans to purchase one within the next five years. Therefore, the signing of the sales and purchase agreement (SPA) is a watershed moment for all Malaysians. However, signing the SPA is a point of no return, and Malaysians should know what they are getting into before committing themselves to the agreement. Homebuyers cannot request any compensation from their home seller if they spot any faults and defects after the agreement has been signed. Therefore, a thorough check is necessary beforehand, or homebuyers should ensure that a clause to protect them from home defects is written into the SPA. Scrutinising both the home you purchase and the SPA is crucial. But why not let a trusted property agent who is familiar with property jargon do a thorough double check on your behalf? At Ohmyhome, we handle all the tedious paperwork and vacant possession for you when you buy a property in Malaysia.

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